A Guide to Zipster!


Hey Zipster!

So you have downloaded the app but are not sure what Zipster has to offer? We are here for you!

Below are a few guides on how to use some of the features of Zipster, mainly journey planning and usage of transport modes!

Journey Planning

MRT and bus arrival timings are available for viewing once you click on the MRT station and bus stop icons.

Journey planning is easy as 1,2,3,(4,5):

  1. Click on the journey planning icon (Magnifying glass)

  2. Set your journey origin and destination

  3. Select your preferred route to travel (We even include nearby bicycles and e-scooters for you to choose from!)

  4. View the details of your journey

  5. Start your journey and zip off!

Riding Neuron E-scooters

Do you know your first-last-mile trip can be easily made using e-scooters? Try out Neuron with the steps below:

  1. Click on the e-scooter icon on the top of the screen to view available e-scooters nearby

  2. Walk to a nearby e-scooter

  3. Click to confirm taking the e-scooter trip

  4. Scan the QR code on the e-scooter and zip off!

Riding Anywheel Bicycles

Does an relaxing ride through the park sound like you would like to try? If so, here are the steps to access bicycles on our app:

  1. Click on the bicycle icon on the top of the screen to view nearby bicycles

  2. Walk to a nearby bicycle (Green for Anywheel bicycles and orange for Mobike)

  3. Click to confirm taking the bicycle trip

  4. Scan the QR code located on the bicycles and ride on!

Purchasing Grab vouchers

Heard of our promos for Grab vouchers and other add-ons? Here is how to get them:

  1. Head to the Pay page

  2. Click on the add-ons tab

  3. Click purchase add-ons

  4. Select the type of add-on you would like to purchase

  5. Purchase them and enjoy!

Otherwise, Grab vouchers and add-ons are available for purchase during your journey planning too.